Jan. 17, 2021

Witness Statements of Lizzie Borden, Episode 3 w/Emma Borden & Alice Russell

Witness Statements of Lizzie Borden, Episode 3 w/Emma Borden & Alice Russell
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100% testimony from the primary source documents of the 1892-1893 trial of Lizzie Borden including the original witness statements with excerpts from Emma Borden and Alice Russell discussing the burning of the Bedford Cord Dress after the murders. Special thanks to the following actors for their contributions to this historical case.
Brenda McGinnis as Emma Borden, Mrs. Cyrus W. Tripp, Mrs. Jane Gray & Church Lady.
Rina Sklar as Alice Russell.
David Loftus as Eli Bence, Dr. Albert E. Chase, Officer Harrington & others.
S.W. Conser as Eli Bence, Officer Medley, Love Letter to Lizzie and lawyer, Andrew Jennings & others.
S.W. Conser as special voices in Greek Chorus. Host of "Words & Pictures" @KBOO Radio.
Ken Jones as Officers Doherty & Harrington.
Larry Andrews as Officer Harrington.
Christie Quinn reads 2 passages from Parallel Lives from the Fall River Historical Society.
Rolf Semprebon as Officers Doherty & Harrington. Host of "Sounds Unsound" @KBOO Radio.
James Krzmarzick as D.A. Willaim A.Moody's Opening Statement at the Superior Court Trial.
Jody McCoy as Mrs. Churchill.
Kati Dery as Bridget Sullivan with PSHAW!
Martin Dodge as Outro.
Announcer: Dennis Alexander.
Samantha as ominous child voice.
Scary male voice: Jack Dabdoub.
Imagined testimony of Eli Bence to Lizzie Borden, Pharmacist, written by the author.
Lady Blue: Lyrics & Melody by Kate Lavender, Vocals by Christine Rotondo on FIVERR.
RF Music by Audio Jungle and Melody Loops.com.
Both songs were titled: Mysterious Clocks. 
For more information visit: LizzieBordenAudio.com
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