Lizzie Borden Audio is my passion project that consists of 100% trial testimony from the famous case of Lizzie Borden in Fall River, Massachusetts in 1892-1893. I have produced the series to examine the case while educating and entertaining the listener. They are not a substitute for reading the primary source documents but to give you an idea of the grandeur and majesty of the trial. I regret that I cannot record all 3,000 pages. Please visit the following website for the complete primary source documents.

How is it different from other Lizzie Borden podcasts? Lizzie Borden Audio is derived from transcripts or non-fiction sources. It is a new category within the podcasting genre. It is a new episodic series that appeals to lovers of the dark and macabre nature of a historical true crime investigation from the famous 1892 case. Told from multiple points of view and utilizing the primary source transcripts with short musical interludes, it is the first podcast made entirely from trial testimony with bits of humorous music to accent the absurd and sometimes comical nature of the crime.

The listener experiences the case as it naturally unfolds in the discovery mode of the witness statements, inquest, preliminary, and superior court trial. Actors read the testimony as it was written in the public domain transcripts starting with the first call to the FRPD. Once the doctor, the police, and the best friend, spinster Alice Russell arrive at the scene, they are unaware that Abby Borden is also dead and lying in the upstairs guest room in a pool of dried blood. 

The stakes are high, a young 32-year-old-spinster and Sunday school teacher could be hanged. Careers will be made and lost. The maid's Inquest testimony will disappear. If Lizzie Borden killed her parents where did she hide the bloody dress and the murder weapon?

Lizzie Borden's story is not just for white audiences. Black actors as well as other minorities are included in the cast. I hired the first black actor in 2018. Lizzie's story is for everyone to enjoy and study as a historical moment in time that is still relevant today.

If you have any requests of trial testimony you would like to hear in a future podcast, please drop me a line. I would love to hear it.

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