An audio "You Are There" for Lizzie fans!

The podcast will take you back to Fall River, Massachusetts in the 1890s for what was then the trial of the century. Like the OJ Simpson trial a hundred years later, Lizzie was acquited but remained (and still remains) the prime suspect in the vicious murder of her father and stepmother. There's been much speculation since on who did the killing and why. By dramatizing the actual trial transcripts, this podcast gives you a seat in the courthouse and let's you decide for yourself.

Wonderful Reenactment

A very ambitious project and a labor of love. The podcasts take you through certain, important aspects of the trial, giving you a sense of what it must have been like in the courtroom, in that time era. I enjoy listening to the podcasts while I'm driving. The work is solid. Kimbra Eberly - Author of "Inadmissible - The case of Lizzie Borden and Other Murderous Women"


Loved it. It’s like being at her trial. Great job Kate Lavender!


The story is amazing! The characters are so detailed and well portrayed! Entertaining from beginning to end. Looking forward to more episodes!