July 18, 2020

Witness Statements of Lizzie Borden, Episode 2

Witness Statements of Lizzie Borden, Episode 2
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100% trial testimony. Defense Lawyer Ex-Governor George Robinson discusses "that one blue dress with the theory there were 2 bloody dresses to burn" and the prosecution's pursuit of "the Bedford Cord dress" played by Dennis Alexander.
Next door neighbor Mrs. Churchill testifies her discovery of Abby Borden's body upstairs in the guest room after Lizzie's urging played by Jody McCoy. She was the first responder.
Officer Medley, Assist. Marshall John Fleet, Charles Cook, business manager, and Reverand Jubb was played by David Loftus.
Bridget Sullivan played by Kati Dery gives her eye witness account on the day of the murders.
James "Chocolate" Dixon played Constable F.L. Edson and Dr. Albert C. Dedrick notices a bowl of bloody water in the guestroom after he placed his fingers in Abby's wounds.
Tanya Montoya as Lizzie Borden.
Gwyn LaRee as Mrs. Dr. Bowen and Mrs. Perry Gifford, Seamstress. 
Assist. Marshall Fleet, Officers Doherty & Harrington played by Tim Dennis.
Dennis Fitzpatrick as Hiram C. Harrington, Abby Borden's brother.
RF Music by MelodyLoops.com Theme song: Golden Age of Modern Empires.
Mastered at Auphonic.com. 
Edited with Audacity 2.4.1 Catalina OS.
Recorded at KBOO Radio in Portland, Oregon