April 28, 2020

The Inquest of Lizzie Borden, Episode 4

The Inquest of Lizzie Borden, Episode 4
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The exciting conclusion of the Inquest of Lizzie Borden as the District Attorney queries Lizzie with hard-hitting questions about pears in the loft, blood on her dress, prussic acid, blood on a hatchet, buying cheap dress material in New Bedford and if she wore an apron on the day of the murders.*Bonus clips from the Preliminary Trial between pharmacist Eli Bence and Lizzie's lawyer, Melvin Adams, and a brief witness statement from Mrs. Churchill, the next-door neighbor. 

The following people brought my vision to life in order of appearance:
Christine Rotondo as Lady Blue Vocalist
Dennis Alexander as Announcer
Martin Dodge as Narrator
Tim Dennis as Hosea Knowlton
Tanya Montoya as Lizzie Borden
Christie Quinn as KBOO 90.7fm Station ID 
Jody McCoy as Mrs. Churchill
Kati Dery as Bridget Sullivan "PSHAW"
Preliminary Trial Bonus Clip:
Tim Dennis as Melvin Adams, Defense
David Loftus as Eli Bence, Pharmacist
Music by MelodyLoops.com
"Cats Searching for Truth:" Youtube Creator Music Studio
Recorded at KBOO Radio, Portland, Oregon 
Mastered at Auphonic.com