Nov. 24, 2022

The Inquest of Emma Borden

The Inquest of Emma Borden

Emma Borden, the older spinster sister to Lizzie Borden gave her inquest testimony to District Attorney Hosea Knowlton sometime during August 9-11, 1892 less than a week after the murders of her father and stepmother. 

The testimony takes on new meaning now that we know Emma was present with Lizzie in Fairhaven while she was asking for chloroform at Hypolyte Martel's Apothecary two weeks before the murders which can be verified with the latest book from the prestigious Fall River Historical Society's "The Jennings Journals 1892." 

Includes a short interlude from "one who reads but only a woman" written anonymously to D.A. Knowlton to not forget "the burnt dress" from "The Knowlton Papers" by the Fall River Historical Society.

Emma Borden: Brenda McGinnis
District Attorney Knowlton: Tim Dennis
One Who Reads But Only a Woman: Brenda McGinnis
Last Dance: by eBunny
Spring is Coming: by Jack White
Narrator: Don Sharp 
Produced by Kate Lavender

Trial transcripts provided with permission by Stefani Koorey, Ph.D. and the website of